Pam on Sabatino

When I heard d.d. was calling the movie, ‘The Fallen Angel…The Rebel Larry Norman’, I was so upset. I fought him to the point of tears so many times.

I fought him and kept asking him ‘why’ but, he was just being his mean typical proud self……..

He told my friend that he planned to destroy Larry Norman with this movie. I thought there was something definitely very evil with this man and decided to remove myself and all the pictures I let him use of Larry and I. Again he refused and told me he was the producer and he was making the movie his way.

I’ve learned so much, how a producer can splice and change things around to make someone look good or bad.

So, on the movie’s opening night when David handed me the microphone………

David D.D. was not a happy camper with what I shared on stage.

So many people thanked me and asked why David didn’t end the movie with the story of forgiveness??? I could only agree with them and told them to go ask David.? was his movie! Well, apparently all night long he was asked that question.

I had a rather threatening voice-mail waiting for me when I got home, from D.D.