Daniel Amos

I’m still working on this Daniel Amos page. The full story will appear here in a few days, including the audio recordings made with everyone’s knowledge at the Solid Rock offices in 1980, Daniel Amos’ lawyer’s threats to Larry while the band was trying to wrangle their way out of their obligations to Word Records and Solid Rock, and Larry’s replies to the band and their lawyers.

Daniel Amos

Members of the band claim in the movie that Larry delayed the release of their Horrendous Disc record for 3 years and ended their career by finally releasing it at the same time as their follow-up album Alarma. The documents I have uncovered will prove that Daniel Amos themselves were responsible for much of the delay, and that they exacerbated the situation by legally harrassing Larry when they could have resolved it peacefully as was Larry’s wish.

And as far as Larry Norman being responsible for ending their career in 1981 as Ed McTaggart states in the movie?

Daniel Amos went on to release TEN more albums AFTER Horrendous Disc, which is more than most bands release in their entire careers.
Stay tuned for the completed page which will include the Daniel Amos legal threats which ultimately went nowhere, and as an interesting footnote, the truth behind Larry Norman’s Barking at the Ants record cover which Terry Taylor is still complaining about, 30 years after the fact. These documents will once again illustrate that the Fallen Angel movie is not telling the truth, and that Terry Taylor and Company have a tendency to make “much ado about nothing.”

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