Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 7

Audio Clip


PAM: I praise The Lord that we’ve been able to have this separation because I know I’ve grown in Him… and He has been a husband to me… and He’s… He’s taken care of me… and I’ve grown in Him.

LARRY: Well, to grow in Him you also have to count on Him…

PAM: I do.

LARRY: You rely on Him?

PAM: I totally rely on Him for everything.

LARRY: When those checks came did you feel that He was providing those checks for you?

PAM: Yep, I did (laughing)

LARRY: You did? That He would want you to do something illegal?

PAM: Well, I felt that, I felt that it was okay at the time to do it…

LARRY: It would have BLOWN MY MIND if you would have brought me those checks!

PAM: I know.

LARRY: I would have just been amazed… I would have been very impressed… Instead I knew about it and you brought me over a few checks, you know, that you couldn’t have cashed. You would have cashed those if you could have, but they just weren’t made out to Larry Norman. How did you endorse them on the back? Mrs. Larry Norman?

PAM: Uh-huh.

LARRY: Ugghh (sighs)