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Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 11

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LARRY: “What God brings together let no man put apart.”

If I know for sure that it was God that brought us together, and not you pretending to be a really goody-two-shoes Christian since the age of “x” and, laugh about your little drug things as though they were really nothing and then, and then think that I had three cars and two houses when all of them were broken down, completely, you know, fantasy… fantasy brought us together… it’s not the same as God.

God is reality.

I’d like to know that God brings us together.

PAM: Well, I meant… I know the ending to this story… and sometimes I forget when we’re talking…

Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 10

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PAM: I dreaded that day…

LARRY: Well I gave you enough hints that I knew, I kept letting you know on the phone… I kept saying “when was the last time you had any of my money in your bank account” so that you would know, I didn’t want to blow your mind because I knew if I asked you cold, you would lie to me…

PAM: I was not going to lie to you.

LARRY: Well you lied about other things… you know, like when I said:

“Have you taken any drugs in the last year?”


“Well how about in the last six months?”


“How about in the last three months?”

No! I told you!

“Okay, well how about this, how about that…”

Okay well, I did…

I didn’t want to have to go through that with you again.

Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 9

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LARRY: I’d rather move everything out and then have to turn around and move everything back in… if it comes to that.

I guess I’m watching you more closely now than ever, and, and trying to just wait out these things, these last things until the last minute. It would certainly be stupid to end up divorced and then turn around and get remarried again, you know, we better just never let the divorce go, at the last day just to stop…

Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 8

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PAM: … I took that action and… I don’t know… I really… I really doubt if.. it came today that I would… oh, maybe I would, I don’t know… if I needed the money I maybe would…

LARRY: You’ve always been pretty much an opportunist… you might do it again…

PAM: I might, I’m not going to say I wouldn’t…

LARRY: Well, you can’t say you would, you don’t know that either… maybe you wouldn’t.


Well I don’t know what to do now. I’m not trying to think of a way to hurt you. I’m trying to think of what I should do. I know that it’s illegal. But that doesn’t mean anything…

You have to go to court to prove something’s illegal, you have to take somebody to court, and I don’t really care about going to court.

I don’t know what I want to do, I… don’t. You know, I don’t want to go to court about anything.

Well, I don’t know really whether to trust you and I don’t know, you want me to sign a quit claim so you can get your apartment…

PAM: Larry, I’m sorry, let me explain that

LARRY: It doesn’t matter what you say, it matters what the paper says…

Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 7

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PAM: I praise The Lord that we’ve been able to have this separation because I know I’ve grown in Him… and He has been a husband to me… and He’s… He’s taken care of me… and I’ve grown in Him.

LARRY: Well, to grow in Him you also have to count on Him…

PAM: I do.

LARRY: You rely on Him?

PAM: I totally rely on Him for everything.

LARRY: When those checks came did you feel that He was providing those checks for you?

PAM: Yep, I did (laughing)

LARRY: You did? That He would want you to do something illegal?

PAM: Well, I felt that, I felt that it was okay at the time to do it…

LARRY: It would have BLOWN MY MIND if you would have brought me those checks!

PAM: I know.

LARRY: I would have just been amazed… I would have been very impressed… Instead I knew about it and you brought me over a few checks, you know, that you couldn’t have cashed. You would have cashed those if you could have, but they just weren’t made out to Larry Norman. How did you endorse them on the back? Mrs. Larry Norman?

PAM: Uh-huh.

LARRY: Ugghh (sighs)

Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 6

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PAM: Well it’s done. I’ve already, you know, it’s something I did and I can’t, I can’t change it, so….

We’re at a different plateau now… we’re at a new place, and we needed… we need to communicate, we need to decide, you know, what… what direction we want to go and, I really understand that… especially with all the stuff you’re going through with your record company and Phillip and everybody else…

LARRY: My company is destroyed.

PAM: Well… okay, I know. I can understand where you just feel that I’m just another person that has taken from you and you don’t respect or trust, you know, I understand that and, I can understand why you would feel that way and be bitter and angry….

So there’s nothing I can say. I’m sorry. You can do what you want to do to me.

LARRY: Well I just have to think this through and figure out what I am supposed to do. I don’t know what to do.


I had it in my mind so differently that when you came back from Minnesota things were going to be so different. I thought it was going to be wonderful. You couldn’t believe it.

So… give me, you know, a copy of that if you want my lawyer to look at it, but he already has his copy and he can Xerox me a copy and send it to me…


I don’t really know what to do, I don’t know whether to trust you at all… all the trust I was trying to develop was completely on my side, I mean it wasn’t because I’d seen you become trustworthy, I was just really having… hope…

PAM: I know, I understand that.

LARRY: And I was willing to step out on faith.

PAM: I know… and I was too… I was just as scared to see you, and try to make it work and… and I knew that when you didn’t see me and you broke those appointments, and I knew at that point that you knew and I wasn’t going to… I’m not going to play games with you, I did it, and, you know, I really can… I can say that… of all the stuff I’ve done, you know, during this last six months I’ve been separated from you… that’s… that’s probably the only thing that you would be able to have against me…

Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 5

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PAM: I wanted to… I wanted so badly to come to you and just say, you know, here’s your royalty check, but like, the one that you had the other day you said, ummm, I can pay your bills if I had some royalty checks coming in and you know…

LARRY: I was being facetious because I knew you spent the money.

PAM: Yeah, I knew you knew… I didn’t know how you knew… how did you know? When did you find out and who told you?

LARRY: I keep close contacts with these companies. I’m paid on a regular basis by these companies.

PAM: Well the royalty checks you get maybe once a year.

LARRY: No, I get them quarterly

PAM: Quarterly? Well, anyway…. So you found out from the company then?

Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 4

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LARRY: Have you done anything that I don’t know about that I would be very upset if I found out about?

PAM: Uh-huh

LARRY: You did?

PAM: Yeah.

LARRY: What did you do?

PAM: I spent your royalties… I’ve lived off of those for the last six months

LARRY: How much money was that?

PAM: Approximately ummmm… I think about a little over five thousand dollars.

LARRY: And who were the checks made out to?

PAM: You.

Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 1

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LARRY: Today is, what, May the 22nd, and Pam and I are talking and, now you want to know the reason why I’m taping this? Because, there won’t be any confusion about who said what.

PAM: Okay