Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 6

Audio Clip


PAM: Well it’s done. I’ve already, you know, it’s something I did and I can’t, I can’t change it, so….

We’re at a different plateau now… we’re at a new place, and we needed… we need to communicate, we need to decide, you know, what… what direction we want to go and, I really understand that… especially with all the stuff you’re going through with your record company and Phillip and everybody else…

LARRY: My company is destroyed.

PAM: Well… okay, I know. I can understand where you just feel that I’m just another person that has taken from you and you don’t respect or trust, you know, I understand that and, I can understand why you would feel that way and be bitter and angry….

So there’s nothing I can say. I’m sorry. You can do what you want to do to me.

LARRY: Well I just have to think this through and figure out what I am supposed to do. I don’t know what to do.


I had it in my mind so differently that when you came back from Minnesota things were going to be so different. I thought it was going to be wonderful. You couldn’t believe it.

So… give me, you know, a copy of that if you want my lawyer to look at it, but he already has his copy and he can Xerox me a copy and send it to me…


I don’t really know what to do, I don’t know whether to trust you at all… all the trust I was trying to develop was completely on my side, I mean it wasn’t because I’d seen you become trustworthy, I was just really having… hope…

PAM: I know, I understand that.

LARRY: And I was willing to step out on faith.

PAM: I know… and I was too… I was just as scared to see you, and try to make it work and… and I knew that when you didn’t see me and you broke those appointments, and I knew at that point that you knew and I wasn’t going to… I’m not going to play games with you, I did it, and, you know, I really can… I can say that… of all the stuff I’ve done, you know, during this last six months I’ve been separated from you… that’s… that’s probably the only thing that you would be able to have against me…