Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 5

Audio Clip


PAM: I wanted to… I wanted so badly to come to you and just say, you know, here’s your royalty check, but like, the one that you had the other day you said, ummm, I can pay your bills if I had some royalty checks coming in and you know…

LARRY: I was being facetious because I knew you spent the money.

PAM: Yeah, I knew you knew… I didn’t know how you knew… how did you know? When did you find out and who told you?

LARRY: I keep close contacts with these companies. I’m paid on a regular basis by these companies.

PAM: Well the royalty checks you get maybe once a year.

LARRY: No, I get them quarterly

PAM: Quarterly? Well, anyway…. So you found out from the company then?