Is Daniel Robinson Larry Norman’s Son

This is one of the most troubling articles for me to write because it involves Daniel Robinson’s agonizing desire to know whether or not Larry Norman is his father. In my attempt to find the truth in this paternity matter, I have spoken with the Normans (of course, having been a longtime friend of the family) and communicated through email with Daniel. Even knowing full well that I was the one shining the light on a number of false allegation made about Larry Norman, Daniel was remarkably cooperative with me. I tried to bring the families together to bring about a peaceful resolution, but was unsuccessful. In fact, I set up a Skype meeting between Charles and Daniel, Daniel showed up. So now I am simply going to present here the arguments and evidence of both sides and let the reader decide. Below are what I see to be the main arguments in this case.

Daniel’s mother Jennifer McCallum writes a public letter claiming that Larry Norman is her son, Daniel’s, father. (Letter: Next is Charles Norman’s rebuttal. there is a video of both Daniel and his mother again claiming that Larry is his father. ( is followed by  Charles Norman’s attempt to refute these allegations in an interview in Cross Rhythms . Then Charles responds to Jennifer’s letter:

This is the issue at its core: Daniel Robinson wants to know for sure if Larry Norman is his father, as he believes and his mother claims . If you know of any other information that would be helpful in adding clarity to this matter, please submit it to me at However, the truth about whether or not Larry Norman is Daniel Robinson’s father, in my opinion, will not be resolved without a DNA test.