Pam and Larry Recordings – Excerpt 10

Audio Clip


PAM: I dreaded that day…

LARRY: Well I gave you enough hints that I knew, I kept letting you know on the phone… I kept saying “when was the last time you had any of my money in your bank account” so that you would know, I didn’t want to blow your mind because I knew if I asked you cold, you would lie to me…

PAM: I was not going to lie to you.

LARRY: Well you lied about other things… you know, like when I said:

“Have you taken any drugs in the last year?”


“Well how about in the last six months?”


“How about in the last three months?”

No! I told you!

“Okay, well how about this, how about that…”

Okay well, I did…

I didn’t want to have to go through that with you again.