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We welcome any of the people who appeared in the Fallen Angel documentary to comment about the film or correct the record on any subject addressed in the film, and we are happy to post their comments here. Send e-mail to:

Pamela (Norman) Newman

“David Di Sabatino told my friend that he planned to destroy Larry Norman with this movie. I thought there was something definitely very evil with this man and decided to remove myself and all the pictures I let him use of Larry and I. Again he refused and told me he was the producer and he was making the movie his way.”

Pam also states in a post on the Facebook page associated with this web site:

“I loved Larry and always will. David lied to me and I’m sorry I even shared anything with him. He just twisted my words and left out the most important part. Larry and I had a Holy and Wonderful Closure of Forgiveness and Healing that God allowed us to experience after 30 years apart before he died. But, that story was never told in “HIS MOVIE.” Why ? Because, David told me, “I Don’t Believe in Fairy Tales or HAPPY ENDINGS!” “THIS IS MY MOVIE….. AND I WILL DO IT MY WAY ! We got into a huge fight and I walked out of his house. He really hurt me and never apologized … I also took a serious fall on his broken chair that crashed backwards and I hit my head and hurt myself seriously. I was in horrible pain the day he filmed me. For 2 years I had to use ice on my neck and head, everyday from the pain. He never paid a penny and refused to send me his insurance information. I’m not a fan of David and have no respect for what he did to me or to Larry. Larry warned me, “Pammie, don’t get involved with him. That guy is evil. David has only one plan… HE WANTS TO DESTROY HIS IDOL !!!!!!”

I just wanted to tell the TRUTH and SPEAK ABOUT “FORGIVENESS.” I will tell my story and the truth. God Bless.”